If Green Bay Packers fans couldn’t understand why Matt Flynn was available, to come back to the Packers and be their quarterback, they do now. Flynn was terrible in the game against the Lions.

Bringing him back to Green Bay was a mistake and if people didn’t think so, they have to be thinking it now. Flynn was picked on all day by the Detroit Lions defense.

He couldn’t do anything right, he had 2 fumbles for turn-overs, he was sacked 7 times and he only completed 10 passes in 60 minutes of football.

Green Bay was terrible in this game. The offensive line did nothing to protect the quarterback, Rodgers should be thankful he wasn’t able to play in this Thanksgiving day game.

The Packers offense was not able to produce 1 touchdown in the game. You wouldn’t think this was the Green Bay Packers if they weren’t wearing the uniforms.

The team is in serious trouble of missing the play offs if they continue to play like this. Aaron Rodgers can’t get back soon enough.

The Packers are a game out of first place in the NFC North and Rodgers is going to have his hands full when he gets back trying to salvage what’s left of the season.

As for Matt Flynn, he is going to feel the effects of this Lions defense for days to come. You have to wonder what his future holds. The Packers were smart not signing Flynn to a mega millions deal when he became a free agent. He is nothing but a one hit wonder and someone in the Green Bay organization was smart enough to see it.


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