The Green Bay Packers certainly made it apparent they could care less about preseason wins. The Packers lost to the Browns 35-10 in game two of the preseason and they made the Cleveland defense look like super hero’s in the loss, but not before Aaron Rodgers exposed Joe Haden the man many think is a shut down top ranked Corner back in the NFL. The Packers only touchdown come on a play against Haden in the first quarter, Rodgers just missed on his first attempt his pass was just off the finger tips of his intended receiver.

Haden wasn’t so lucky on Rodgers second attempt, Rodgers threw a pass that was tall enough for his receiver to catch over the top of Joe Haden. It was clear Rodgers knew Haden can’t defend the tall pass. Joe Haden was beat and the Packers would scored their only touchdown on a night the Packers would soon like to forget.

Either the Browns defense is packed with super hero’s or the Packers need improvement this season. I’ll bet neither is true, The Packers lost to the Browns last year in preseason and went on to have a 15-0 year.
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