The Murder of Reeva Steenkamp is catching up with the double amputee Oscar Pistorius. His management company has quit. Vuma Reputation has left the Pistorius’  camp  and the head lady that runs the management company Janine Hills has made a statement that said the Pistorius’  can handle answering questions on their own. You have to wonder if this company was ran by a man if they would have walked away from  Pistorius’ . The closer it gets to the trials I would imagine the more people are going to distance themselves from Pistorius’ .

You can’t think that shooting the woman you were supposed to love then claiming she was an intruder excuse is going to stand up at a trial. Especially when the facts of the case are pointing more towards a premeditated murder. What ever took place at the home of Pistorius’  the night he killed Steenkamp is going to come out.

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