By Larry GLicken

There has to be something really distributing about Oscar Pistorius. First he shots and kills his Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentines day claiming he thought she was an intruder and now he is planning to hold his own memorial service for the women he allegedly murder. What is this all about? Is this a ploy to get sympathy from the jurors? The service was planned to be a private service held at his uncle’s home. Pistorius ‘s management firm said that Pistorius  demanded to hold the service becasue he is still in deep mourning over the loss of his partner Reeva.

Then he should have never shot her!  Pistorius is probably putting on this public show to gain support for his actions. There is now way we should fall for the excuse that he thought Reeva was an intruder. It is too hard to believe. Reports have her at the house earlier in the evening and the former Olympian should have realized she wasn’t in the bed next to him when he got up, put on his artificial legs and traveled down the hall some 21 feet to shoot and kill her through the bathroom door.   This guy needs help. Maybe if he spends the rest of his life behind bars they can figure out what is wrong with him…..


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