Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers have secured one Andrew Bynum, there is a real sense of  excitement in the Cleveland area among Cavs fans. One fan told me he feels that Bynum is one of the most  unstoppable forces on the planet,When healthy.

The guy is 7 foot tall and close to 300lbs. You have to admire the way he plays the game and you have to admire the way the Cleveland Cavaliers are leaving plenty of cap space for the 2014 season. Some are even left wondering if the team is doing it purposely to leave room for the return of one LeBron James.

The same fan who thinks Bynum is one of the most unstoppable forces on the planet, sees the Cavaliers having a line-up that looks like this one day.

Their starting 5 looks like a future all-star team.






Of course it could only look this way if LBJ returns to the Cavaliers in the 2014 season. There is plenty of speculation about what James would do once he reaches free agency again. The Cavs signing Bynum has to look attractive to James. The team could be a real play-off contender and if James would return to the Cavs they could be a real championship contender as well.

Adding Bynum was a move that some are calling pure genius on the part of the Cavaliers management….

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