You have to wonder if the Denver Broncos executive VP of football operations is just going through the motions taking time to talk to Notre Dames Manti Te’o. The Broncos do need some defensive help without question. The first place Elway and the Broncos should focus on is getting a great corner back that will stop the big plays from taking place. It was the Broncos secondary that left the Broncos vulnerable  in the NFL play-offs. The Broncos defensive secondary gave up far too many big plays to the Ravens.

There is no question that Elway is a great VP of football operations and he knows the game. He has to realize the Broncos need help in their defensive secondary. I think Elway wants to satisfy his curiosity about Te’o more than anything. Te’o has been plagued with questions about the hoax more than anything else at this NFL combine. Elway could be trying to get a feel as to how Te’o would react in the NFL. The last thing the Denver Broncos need is to have a guy on the team that would get Tebow type publicity again. Elway has already lived through that kind of circus once. He doesn’t need that again.



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