Have you ever wondered why, there are some people who don’t like Danica Patrick? It’s because she is NASCAR’s chosen one. Sure it is breast cancer awareness month, sure it is a nice jester to paint her car pink, but how about show casing the others?

There are at least 2 other drivers in NASCAR that have  pink cars this month. You don’t see them being spot-lighted by NASCAR do you? Danica Patrick is NASCAR’s marketing tool. She is a cute little lady that poses half naked and we all know sex sells, including NASCAR.

So what do they do? They stick Patrick and her pink car in the middle of Times Square and they make a big deal out of it like she is the only driver sporting a pink car this month. NASCAR has gone over the top with Danica Patrick. She is exploiting the fact that this is Breast Cancer awareness month for her own personal publicity stunt.

Someone please tell me, what has Danica Patrick done to support Breast Cancer before now? I haven’t seen her making a commercial telling women to go get a mammogram or anything that could help to save lives. She has the opportunity to turn her car pink and go stand in Times Square wearing a pink shirt and pink shoes like she is going to cure this terrible disease all by her self.

She is using this disease for her own personal gain. That isn’t right. There are others with pink cars who could have done the same thing but NASCAR wants their chosen one to do it. The only reason is she is pleasant on the eyes. If Patrick was less than desirable looking do you really think NASCAR would be parading her around in their dog and pony show? NO!!!

What else has Patrick done for Breast Cancer? I would love to know. My wife passes at 44 from this terrible disease and I hate the fact that people like Danica Patrick use it for a publicity stunt.

(Photo compliments of NASCAR Media)

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