Professional Golfer Vijay Singh finds himself in a predicament.  It seems he has used Deer Antler Spray for a several years and under the guide lines the PGA tour implemented in 2008 Singh has problems. Sing released a statement earlier today saying; “While I have used deer antler spray, at no time was I aware that it may contain a substance that is banned under the PGA Tour Anti-Doping Policy,” he said. “In fact, when I first received the product, I reviewed the list of ingredients and did not see any prohibited substances. I am absolutely shocked that deer antler spray may contain a banned substance and am angry that I have put myself in this position.

Other  professional golfers have already come out ans said the tour needs to take some sort of  action against Singh. In golf the players police themselves. They call penalties on themselves if they break rules during competition. In no other sport does this happen. Singh has come out in the open about his use of the Deer Antler Spray and clearly he feels bad. You can see by Singh’s statement above he did his best to stay inside the rules of golf. It will be interesting to see what action PGA Commissionaire Tim Finchem will take against Singh.

What if Singh has used the spray since 2008 when the tour put the banned substance rules in place?Singh won at least 4 tournaments in 2008 and he has played some great golf since then. All 3 of Singh’s Majors have come before the banned substance rule was put into place. Singh has withdrawn from the Phoenix open saying he is suffering from a back problem.

In 2008 alone Singh made 6,607,360.50 dollars.  Singh admission has left the PGA tour and Tim Finchem in a terrible spot.  Singh said,“I have been in contact with the PGA Tour and am cooperating fully with their review of this matter. I will not be commenting further at this time.”

I guess we all have to wait and see what comes out of this mess….

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