On a night, when Peyton Manning needed his Broncos defense to step up,, he couldn’t get it. Two guys come to mind,, one if Von Miller who did very little against the Colts, the man who everybody thought was going to transform the Broncos pass defense, Miller had 2 tackles, 2 quarterback hits and no sacks.

it was hardly worth the wait to see Miller return to the Denver defense. he knew what this night meant to Manning, he is a veteran player who looked like he left a lot on the field in Indianapolis.

The time off must have really affected Miller, who said he was returning in the best shape of his playing career. Then there is Champ Bailey. You can’t play football with a bad foot. Denver would have done well this past off-season had they found a suitable replacement for Bailey.

His best days are behind him and his injury foot is becoming too much of a liability to the broncos Defense. it is past time to think about letting go of the past glory and bringing in someone who can take Bailey’s spot that the team can depend on.

Peyton Manning pours his heart and soul out for the Denver Broncos.  Returning to Indianapolis to take on the Colts was a once in a lifetime opportunity that the Denver defense let slip right through their fingers.

They let Luck win the game. They gave up 3 touchdown passes to the Colts and they cost the Broncos a shot at an undefeated season. forget about all that and think what it would have meant to Manning to win this game.

The Broncos defense better dig a little deeper if they expect to get through the play offs. Giving up 39 points to a team that isn’t better than the Broncos is hard to take.

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