If you grew up watching Ohio State Buckeyes football during the Woody Hayes era, you already know there was no one else in coaching like him. today the Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer shared a story about the Legend himself. Meyer shared a story that he witnessed while he was an assistant at the Ohio State University back in the 1980’s. It seems the coaching staff needed some inspiration so they brought in Hayes to give what could be taken as a pep talk. While Hayes was at the podium he did something that would make many men cry.

Woody Hayes reached down and picked up a box that contained a snapping turtle. he removed the lid from the box, took the turtle out and then unzipped his pants and proceeded to let the turtle latch onto his penis. While standing in a room full of coaches, Hayes then yelled out, “Ya see this”? “This is how you measure toughness”. He then had to poke the turtle in the eye to get him to release the grip on his penis.

It is a wonder Meyer made the choice to stay in College coaching after that display. If someone did something like this these days they would be arrested for being cruel to an animal. There will never be another Woody Hayes. What he did for Ohio State Buckeyes football was truly amazing. What the would do to prove a point, could be considered more amazing.


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