Did you think for one minutes the NFL was going to reverse directions on the 100,000 dollar fine they assessed on Ndamukong Suh? If you answered yes, than you don’t know the NFL and the way Goodell operates.

Suh is a black NFL player, Goodell loves fining the black-man. A prime example is the way the NFL just handed out fines to the Buffalo Bills. When the Bills played the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland on Thursday night, one of the first plays of the game saw, Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso put a hit on the Cleveland quarterback that ended his season with a torn ACL.

The hit in question has nothing to do with Hoyer’s torn ACL and has everything to do with the violent helmet to helmet hit Alonso put on Hoyer. Guess what? Alonso is white and he received no fine.

This was a blatant helmet to helmet hit that the NFL said they would no longer tolerate.  All Goodell and his cronies had to do was watch the replay and they would have clearly seen Alonso lead with his helmet on the play.

To prove the assertion that the NFL loves to fine the black-man, they fined 2 other Bills players who took part in the game. RB Fred Jackson was fined $7,875. He was called for unsportsmanlike conduct in second quarter vs. #Browns last Thursday. You guessed it Jackson is a Black-man.

Then there is the fine the NFL gave to Aaron Williams. William’s was fined $21,000 by the NFL for unnecessary roughness, when he hit Browns receiver Davone Bess in the helmet . This hit was anywhere as near as bad as the helmet hit Alonso laid on Brian Hoyer.

But guess what, Williams is a black-man. You may be thinking that the NFL fined Browns LG John Greco $7,875 for face mask during Bills game. You would be right and yes he is white. But the NFL fines the black-man at a much higher rate than they fine the white-man.

Goodell probably fined Greco to keep a little balance in his world. There is no way Greco should have even been fined for the face-mask call.

The NFL is fining the Black-man at a higher rate than the white players. For anyone who thought Suh had a chance of winning an appeal or getting the 100,000 dollar fine lowered, you must have been dreaming.

As long as Suh is a black-man he is going to continue to receive higher than normal fines. This is the way Goodell likes it.

Just an FYI, I am white. I am not just sticking up for the Black player, I see a trend in the NFL and not fining Alonso for the helmet to helmet hit in last Thursday night’s game, solidified my suspensions.

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