The Cleveland Indians saw Ubaldo Jimenez get his 8th win of the season today as the Cleveland Indians beat the Tampa Bay Rays 7-3 in game three of the four game series before the All-Star break. Not only did Ubaldo Jimenez get his 8th win of the 2012 season today, he struck out 8 in the six innings he pitched and only walked one. Jimenez has suffered control problems since coming to the Cleveland Indians in the trade last season. Jimenez would walk four or five batters in every game he pitched and that would be all it took for the opposition to get leads that would become Insurmountable for Jimenez to over-come.

Think about it, if Ubaldo would put a couple of guys on base and then the next hitter gets a base hit two runs score. Well, the Indians and the Tribe fans are hoping those days are gone. In his last few outings Jimenez closely resembled the pitcher the Cleveland Indians front office traded two future prospects for. Jimenez is helping the Indians win baseball games and that is huge. Not only is it huge for Ubaldo it is huge for the Cleveland naysayers that cried like babies over the Jimenez trade. For months there were Cleveland people saying Cleveland gave up far to much for Jimenez. Look now people, Jimenez is starting to live up to the hype the Indians made the trade for.

If Ubaldo Jimenz can continue to improve this guy could be a 20 game winner before his career in Cleveland comes to an end. Hey, tell us what you think of the job Ubaldo Jimenez is doing for the Cleveland Indians. Just leave your comments below……

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