You often have to wonder if Danica Patrick is feeling starved for attention. Her selfie of her being topless and showing her nipple is the talk of the town this morning. Is is a shame they wasted a ride on Patrick. She is only in NASCAR to draw attention to the sport.

Richard Petty was right. Danica Patrick will never win a race in NASCAR. She is far to immature to take the sport seriously. Why would she take a picture of herself topless and release it if she didn’t want people’s attention?

Patrick has an ego far to big for that of a failed race car driver. She is only there because she draws people to the races. She hardly ever finishes a race and this new stunt shows she is more interested in her own self promotion than she is in racing. Daytona is just around the corner.

Why would she do this now? Is she that insecure? Doesn’t she get enough attention? Come on already Danica, grow up and do the job you were hired for. Quit trying to be on center stage and just drive the car. Maybe then you’ll be able to prove the king, Richard Petty wrong. But I doubt it. And so do many others too….

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