The Indianapolis Colts kicked off their 2013 season with their first preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. For lack of a better term, the Colts looked like crap today. We all know that the Colts should have played a better game even though it is only preseason.

The Colts were a play off team last season and to let the Bills run up their score to 44 points is totally unacceptable no mater what time of the year it is. The Colts are clearly going to miss their former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians who stepped in last season and took over as the team’s head coach when Chuck Pagano was fighting cancer.

Now the question becomes whether or not Pagano can put a good football team on the field with the use of his right arm, Arians. This should be a concern to the Colts front office and every Colts fan.

Losing a guy the caliber of Arians is going to hurt the Colts. Arians did a great job transitioning Andrew Luck from the college level into the NFL. We know Luck didn’t play much against the Bills but that wasn’t the entire problem.

The Colts didn’t look like the finally tuned football team they were when Arians was involved. His absence is going to be a big problem for Indianapolis this season. Pagano is going to have his hands full trying to fill the gap that was left when Arians took a head coaching job.

I am not saying the Colts would have beat the Bills today if Arians was still a part of this coaching staff. After all it is preseason and you don’t always put your best foot forward in the preseason. I am saying had Arians been in the sidelines with the Colts it would have been at least a competitive game.

The Colts were just as much Arians team last year as they were Pagano’s. It isn’t going to be an easy year for them in their first season without the mind of Arians.

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  1. Justin

    Its just a PRESEASON game. The colts are not going to miss the playoffs. Every year we hear this from one team to another. I repeat the colts will make the playoffs.


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