Sure we can look at the Steelers 2012 season and say they didn’t perform the way the Steelers are accustomed too. You really can’t pin their lack of performance on one guy, especially LaMarr Woodley. Well, that is what is happening this off-season. An unnamed teammate is making comments to the press that Woodley wasn’t in football shape during the 2012 season. You can’t believe that would take place in Pittsburgh, they are a family there. This sort of thing doesn’t happen on the Steelers.

Sure Woodley’s sack total was down in 2012, but lets place the blame for the less than average season where it belongs. The Steelers lost their starting quarterback for a several weeks. When Big Ben was down, the team even lost a game to Brandon Weeden and the Cleveland Browns. The Steelers offense played terrible in that game and they had 8 turn-overs. The Steelers offense couldn’t get it done without Ben.

You cannot place the blame on the Steelers defense they did a great job during the 2012 season and Woodley was part of that defense. There is nothing worse than a teammate knocking another teammate while hiding behind the media. If they had the guts to come out and complain, then why not come out and identify yourself? Grow a set and show your self. Otherwise keep your mouth shut and do your job. This is the Pittsburgh Steelers and not the N.Y. Jets.


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