The L.A. Lakers continued to lose basketball games. Last night they lost another game, this time the team decided to have a meeting to air out their past frustrations. In the meeting it didn’t take long for Kobe Bryant to single out Dwight Howard to ask him if he was hard to play with.  Howard didn’t have mush of a reply, then after the game Howard tried to say Kobe didn’t ask him that question. Howard had to sit out the second half of the game in which the Lakers lost to the Grizzles 106-93 with a sore shoulder that he re-injured in the first half.

There are problems in the Lakers locker room, until this team gets these problems fixed it is going to be a very difficult season. The Lakers are now the proud owners of a 17-25 record. L.A. has to find a way to turn this around. If Kobe and Howard can’t turn things around, then maybe the Lakers should trade Howard. If the two big egos can’t get their differences under control then the Lakers have to act on it. The meeting before last nights shot around was the idea of none other than Mike D’Antoni. Maybe the team should have a meeting about him….


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