By now it is clear someone at the Golf Chanel has had a talk with analyst Brandel Chamblee. In his appearance on Golf Channel’s Golf Central, which is unusual for Chamblee , he commented on the Woods cheating scandal one again.

This time Chamblee is trying to convince people he was a bit too hard on Woods. He said; “In offering my assessment of Tiger’s year, and specifically looking at the incidents in Abu Dhabi, Augusta, Ponte Vedra and Chicago, I said Tiger Woods was cavalier about the rules, and I should have stopped right there.”

Do you see the statement? It contains 4 places where Woods was assessed penalties for breaking the rules of golf. Yes, 4 places, Abu Dhabi, Augusta, Ponte Vedra and Chicago, all in which he would be assessed penalty strokes for.

Don’t you think after one rules violation Woods would have been sure not to violate any more this season? When was the last time we heard of a top tour pro getting assessed penalty strokes at 4 different venues for rules violations in one PGA season?

Chamble, you were right on the money with your assessment of Tigers season. He was penalized 4 times for breaking the rules this season. It is the tour pros responsibility to follow the rules that govern the game. If Tiger was dumb enough not to follow the rules of golf, than he cheated.

There are rules officials walking with each group on tour. If you have a question concerning the rules it is the golfers job to call over the official and get his opinion as to the proper way to proceed. Tiger didn’t do that and he was assessed penalty strokes four times this season.

How many times does the number one player in the world have to be brunt before he does something about it? It is easy to see why someone would think Woods cheated. When you break the rules this many times in one season what are people supposed to think?

Tiger thinks he is above the rules of Golf.



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