The Colorado Avalanche made the 17-year-old Nathan MacKinnon the first pick in the 2013 NHL Draft. At 17 we are left to wonder just how good this kid can be. He has a learning curve ahead of him heading into the NHL.

His body still has some maturing to go through and the Avalanche don’t seem to mind that at all. They pick him with the first pick the draft and that in itself tells us they have a great deal of confidence in this kid.

Coming from Canada,gives MacKinnon an edge. After all we all know how these Canadians are brought up with a love for hockey. The kid grew up playing hockey in the minor ice hockey system of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.

When he was 12 & 13-years old, he had seasons of 110 and 145 points respectively. He is going to be great in the NHL if he can stay healthy. At only 17, you have to wonder if he will be a marked man. We know how some of these guys in the NHL like to intimidate players,especially younger guys like MacKinnon.

Something tells me this kid is going to hold his own. Skating comes naturally to this kid and so does scoring. He is going to be a big impact for the Avalanche and that is why they took him with the first pick in the NHL Draft.

They know he is a natural.

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