How about the Buffalo Bills moving out of Buffalo? With the passing of owner Ralph Wilson could that now happen? There are a couple of places the Bills could end up, that wouldn’t include sub-zero weather and a ton of snow.

Wilson could have moved the Bills out of Buffalo more than a few times, but he always remained loyal to the city and its fans.

Now that he is gone, could the Bills be in for a brighter future? It could happen, but it would take a lot to move the team. Buffalo being situated on the east end of Lake Erie, is subjected to some harsh weather.

Free agents aren’t exactly thrilled with the thought of going to Buffalo. Some people have joked, no one in the right mind, would go to buffalo on purpose.

So now that Wilson is gone, would it be a major improvement to take the team out of Buffalo?

I think it would and others do too. The Buffalo Bills may never be able to attract the kind of talent needed to compete in a Super Bowl, as long as the team remains located in Buffalo.

Take the Bills to the west coast, and get them into some great weather, and just like that, players would want to flock to the Bills. It will be interesting to see what happens with the team since Ralph Wilson has died.

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  1. Mario

    I guess they weren’t in Buffalo when they went to 4 strait super bowls

    • LG

      Sure they were, but how many years ago was that

  2. Dave

    One of the best fan bases in FB and weather is part of the game – who the hell r u to suggest moving this team to some lala land that couldn’t keep their previous teams there. I am sue you are a little punk that wears their sweater in 75 degree weather. Guess we should move GB and Kansas city both New jersey teams as well as Chicago because its to cold for my wimpy little ass. BILLS are only NY team and they deserve to stay where they are at – so bite me no name writer!

    • Anonymous

      Dave nothing more to say I’m with you keep my bills here.

  3. Daniel Gorski

    It is time for LG to move on from sports writing. How about a nuclear Buffalo wing up your tail pipe?

  4. trsmithi

    They got Mario Williams 2 years ago who was widely considered to be the best free agent on the market. You don’t go to the super bowl by signing big time free agents all the time. That’s just how you go broke

  5. Thomas Lindberg

    Have you ever been to the Ralph ? Move to the west coast for what? So fair weather fans will be pampered and enjoy year round sunny days? Here’s 2 big words for you, Heritage and loyalty. it’s funny to me, the only people caught up in the number of years it’s been since our “big run” at the Lombardi are people who are irrelevant and don’t buy tickets or merchandise from said team. Can you explain, without personal agendas or reasons, why and how moving them would benefit them ??? We love our snowy home field advantage, nothing rocks the Ralph like a band of Lake effect rolling in. Pound salt up your back side with a side of blue cheese. Buffalo Bills belong in Buffalo. Go write a story on something you actually know about.

  6. JT

    Right Now ?Really?Are you going to pay the 400 Million relocation fee?The Bills arenet going anywhere till at least 2020. Their are no shortage of morons like you that only a day or 2 after Wilson dies your rooting for the team to be moved.LOL Perhaps California where if nex great Earth Quake doesnt destroy that great new stadium the NFL will be finished by then anyhow.anyhow.

    • California BBF

      I am a Buffalo Bill Fan. I was born and raised here in California. I do not want Buffalo Bills to move here!!!!! They belong in Buffalo!!!! My boyfriend and myself were cringing at the idea of Buffalo moving to Los Angeles because they would no longer be the Buffalo Bills. What would they be? The Los Angeles Buffalo Bills? How stupid is that. I believe that the NFL should make sure that any prospective owner should honor RALPH WILSON’S wishes and keep the Bills in Buffalo!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Are you going to pay the 400 million dollar relocation fee?Right now ?The Bills are going anywhere till at least 2020.Get your facts straight and my god Wilson just died leave it alone already.

  8. Michael Borsuk

    Since when does nice weather mean competitive football. ie Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Chicago
    How many Domed teams won the SB?
    What Buffalo needs is ownership that wants to win not palm trees.
    The heart of pro football resides in the northeast.

  9. ham

    U should be fired from ur job and dropped off on the east side of buffalo. Try talking ur shit to them

  10. Len

    Wow is this a dum article. Your are a genius. Lol

  11. shaan

    the bills mean more to the city of buffalo than you can even imagine. these fans will not let the bills leave this city. this is coming from a guy who lives in toronto and i will fight to keep them in buffalo to.

  12. Marc

    What is the obsession with the west coast and palm trees in this “article”. What’s does that have to do with football? Last I checked the Chargers and Oakland have extreme trouble selling out their stadiums. Also if you did any research what so ever you would know about what it would cost as a penalty to move the team before 2019. Looks like many already covered it. By the use of your words i question if you really have any local knowledge of the area or team at all. Mario Williams, Brandon Spikes, even TO lol. It’s prob a good idea you didn’t leave your name. This is no better then a thread comment let alone a well thought out article. Is your mext piece going to be about The Seahawks need to move because it rains there to much? How about Greenbay getting a dome? smh….

  13. Get a Life

    This writer and his article are a disgrace.People in S California dont care about the NFL and wont support an NFL team.How many times has a NFL team come and gone in LA?The Bills are not going anywhere.

  14. Chris Tresco

    He’s saying people don’t want to come live here. It has nothing to do with the weather we play in. Writer your still an idiot. Bills will never leave


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