The Mile High City has to love the fact in his first year back from a dangerous injury Peyton Manning has been able to lead the Denver Broncos to the play and clinch the AFC West. Manning has silenced his credits, with the Broncos going to the play offs is it time to rest the NFL’s 4 time M.V.P.? Manning has done a great job thus far in his debut in a Broncos uniform. The Broncos have 4 games left. They take on the Oakland Raiders in the teams next game. Manning really doesn’t need to play in this game and take any UN-nessasary hits. The Raiders aren’t that good of a football team and Manning s back up should be able to win that game. Them they play the Baltimore Ravens, again should Manning be subjected to taking a hit from a team he could be facing sooner or later in the play-offs?

The Broncos then face the Cleveland Browns, the browns defense has been the heart and sole of this team all season. Manning could face a tremendous pass rush if the Browns defense happens to play the way they are capable of playing at times. They can bring the pressure if they choose to. After that the Broncos finish their regular season against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs knock Big Ben out of the Steelers line up and we all know how the Pittsburgh defense can get to the quarterback.

The Broncos have a lot of thinking to do over the next 4 weeks, Elway has to make a decision whether or not he is willing to risk injury before the play-offs to his 96 million dollar man. On the other hand we all were Terrified last session when Aaron rogers came back after some time off, he was terrible in the play offs. That shouldn’t happen to manning who missed an entire season and came back to lead the Broncos to the play-offs.

What do you think? Should Elway sit Manning or should he keep the Veteran playing? You tell us, leave your thoughts below….   WITH CHRISTMAS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER ORDER YOUR MANNING JERSEYS NOW TO HAVE IT IN TIME FOR THE PLAY-OFFS AS WELL AS THE HOLIDAY….JUST CLICK ON THE JERSEY BELOW….
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