The Houston Texans found a way to place the blame for last season’s failures on two men. Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak. We all saw how the team dealt with Kubiac, what we didn’t think would happen, was the Schaub deal.

Houston is done with Schaub. They dealt the quarterback to the Oakland Raiders and in exchange got a late-round selection in the May draft. Surely, Schaub had more value than a late round draft pick.

He led to team to a fantastic season, in 2012. The Texans just couldn’t get their offense working last season. Kubiac suffered some health issues that led to a stroke. Who knows how healthy he was during much of the season, or the kind of plays he was calling for the Houston offense.

Now that Schaub has acquired the tag of loser in the blame game, we have to wonder if this move by the Texans opens the door for them to draft Johnny Manziel this May.

Manziel was quick to point out to the Houston Texans what a mistake they would be making if they didn’t draft Johnny Football.

Now that the team made the move with Schaub and they signed veteran, Ryan Fitzpatrick, people have to be wondering which quarterback new head coach Bill O’Brien will pick in the draft.

It’s clear O’Brien has a plan. We don’t know what it is, but somehow he thinks Fitzpatrick can help him accomplish it.

It is going to be interesting come draft day, to see which guy Houston takes.

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