The Pittsburgh Steelers would have liked to see a better showing from its offensive line last night as the Eagles were able to get to all three quarterbacks the Steelers used. The Eagles defense man handled the line and the Steelers took 7 sacks for 57 yards. The team needs to get better and they sure need to keep these defenses from getting to Ben Roehtlisberger.   The Steelers only used Ben for a while and it was probably a good thing the way the Eagles were hitting the Q.B.’s in this game. It is only pre-season and the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to need Roehtlisberger to get through the regular season. He is already being bothered by his bad ankle and his rotator cuff is torn a bit.

Ben was still able to complete 7 of the 8 passes he threw. Jerrod Johnson made a good showing for the Steelers, he was only 3 for 6 but the 3 completions  he made gave him a 93 yard passing night with a 15.5 yard average ad a touchdown. The Steelers Defense has some work to do before the season starts. Even though this is per-season I was a little surprised to see the Eagles beat the Steelers. The Pittsburgh pass rush needs to be there once the regular season starts.

Steelers running back Chris Rainey helped the fans ignore the fact Mike Wallace wasn’t there. His two great catches for 65 yards and a touchdown could help stop the sting of no Wallace if the Steelers continue to use Rainey this Way..

One thing for certain the Pittsburgh Steelers have got plenty of work to do to get their defense ready for the 2012 season. They have got to be able to put some pressure on the quarterbacks….They need to step it up…



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  1. Jeff

    The steelers starting defense shut down the eagles starting offense so you may be referring the steelers backups on defense struggled against the eagles backups on offense. The Steelers starting defens edid not struggle.

    • LG

      Great to know thanks. I tuned in just a bit late very difficult to try and see all the games…I need more Writers…


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