The same way Cincinnati management concluded that their club was never going to go anywhere in the postseason with John (Dusty) Baker getting out-coached in pivotal games year after year finally culminating in their decision to dismiss him as their skipper yesterday, the Rangers ought to make Ron Washington their next pink slip victim for the exact same reason.

I’m convinced that the Rangers will never be more than a “decent” ball club with RW leading them, because he regularly gets out-witted by his counterparts in the other dugout and NEVER seems willing to make difficult (but necessary) personnel decisions (e.g. those regarding David Murphy, Mitch Moreland, Ian Kinsler and Jurickson Profar)


And the significant decisions he DOES make often wind up being detrimental both to the individuals directly affected by them as well as the team—his choice to convert his best closer and most effective long reliever to starting pitchers (Neftali PFeliz and Alexi Ogando) serving as regrettable cases in point.

I guess Nolan Ryan and the brain trust would rather not rock the boat and possibly risk alienating their fan base. But I’d also infer from their decision to re-hire Ron Washington that as long as attendance is good and the beer keeps flowing maybe no one really gives a dash if the team doesn’t win the World Series…






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