Not all racing fans are in love with NASCAR’s Danica Patrick. It seems as though one in particular is really upset with the way Patrick handles herself and can’t understand why she is in the news so much, especially after she can’t break into the top five or even take a run at winning a race. The other day I did a story about Patrick going through he divorce. The comment one race fan left was very eye opening. The comment in its entirety can be seen below.

Danica Patrick is the most over-rated, egotistical, narcissistic, self-centered excuse for a NASCAR driver there is. She gets way too much press, is a mediocre driver who can’t even break into the top ten in a race, and yet we keep reading about her again and again. Who gives the north end of a south bound horse what she does? Please, Danica…just go away!”

Apparently this race fan has taken a disliking to the lady who will soon debut in her new Super Bowl commercial. Patrick probably wouldn’t have the fame she has if she didn’t look as good as she does. This could be a case where sex-appeal sells. It can’t possibly be her success on the NASCAR circuit that is gaining her all of her popularity. Sometimes things just happen. At least the way it happened for Patrick.

After all, how many other NASCAR driver do you see being photographed in swim suits?

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. JB

    This is beyond stupid.

  2. p true

    No sorry, that title goes to either Waltrip.

  3. betti haynes

    thank god I’m not the only one that feels this way. if Danica was ugly as sin and had no shape do you think she would get even in nascar let alone as much notice she sure wouldn’t be on stewart team


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