When Yankees closer Mariano Rivera walked onto the field in the 2013 MLB All-Star game it was clear that people respected his accomplishments. Every fan, player coach and manager took to their feet and showed Rivera the love his historic career has earned.

This will be Rivera’s last All-Star game. The man who has played for the New York Yankees since 1995, has decided to call it quits after this season. The fans and everyone else showed Rivera the love. He received a standing ovation and it looked like he almost came to tears as he stood on the mound in the All-Star game.

Rivera is one of the most respected players in MLB history. He is a nice guy and he is a great pitcher. His record will be a goal for many to carry out. He has played well and at 43-years-old, he still looks like he could play for a couple of more years.

The game of baseball is going to miss Rivera. The game needs more hero’s like him. He has always presented himself as a gentleman and last nights welcome was well deserving. It was a wonder he could pitch after the welcome he received.

He is Mariano Rivera and he did what he does, he pitched great. He will be greatly missed when he hangs up his cleats at the end of this season.


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