The grandson of of the greatest golfer who ever played the game Jack Nicklaus is lucky to be alive after he crashed his motor cycle into the side of a car. O’Leary is used to taking some shots to his body, he is the starting tight end for the Florida State football team.

The crash took place on May 2nd of this year. It is surprising this video showing the horrific crash hasn’t  surfaced earlier. It is also amazing O’Leary was able to just walk away from this crash. O’Leary was riding his motor cycle down a Tallahassee street when a car cut right across the road he was on.

O’Leary had no chance to miss broad-siding the car. The impact sent O’Leary flying through the air and you can watch the video see what happened for your self. Warning the video is graphic and not for people with a weak heart.

O’Leary went sent flying past the windshield of a bus. He was lucky not to fly through the windshield. O’Leary was taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries. He is not listed as injured by Florida State and he is expected to be ready for the start of the season.

He had to be a scary moment for the entire Nicklaus family. They were very fortunate not to lose their grandson.  O’Leary has caddied for the Golden Bear before.

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