The Philadelphia Eagles are a good football team. They are even a better football team with Nick Foles playing quarterback. Chip Kelly is going to have the Eagles ready to play Dallas and they could care less who will be starting at quarterback for Dallas.

Foles is one of the best performing quarterbacks in the NFL this season. If the Eagles defense can play up to their potential, Dallas doesn’t have a chance. The Eagles are a better football team than the Cowboys and this is a game Kelly has been waiting the entire season for.

Many thought the Eagles couldn’t win with Kelly as their head coach, those non-believers have been proven wrong and when the Eagles win the division, those people who doubted Kelly are going to be in for a shock.

Foles wants this win more than Kelly does. He has a lot to prove and he intends to show it this Sunday when they play the Cowboys. Foles brings too many weapons to the field with him.

The guy has almost been unstoppable since taking over the starting role for the Eagles. Philadelphia is be up for this game, and there isn’t anyway the Eagles are going to lose this game.

Foles, Kelly and the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles are going to be ready for this game and they will show the world, Chip Kelly can win in the NFL.



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