The A.F.C. North is a division in the National Football league which contains four teams. The teams that make up the A.F.C. North are the Cleveland Browns, The Cincinnati Bengals, The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.  The teams in the A.F.C. North are known for tough defense. The A.F.C. North was created prior to the 1967 season when the N.F.L. Split into four divisions. The A.F.C. North originally was know as the A.F.C. Central Division after the AFL-NFL merger when two of the NFL Century teams—the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers—moved from the “old” NFL to join the former American Football League teams in the AFC, in order to give the AFC an even number of teams. You can read more about the creation of the AFC North by Click Here.

Most recent Title Baltimore Ravens 2011, most titles, The Pittsburgh Steelers with 20.