32 Teams presently make up the N.F.L. The National Football league is made up of  two conferences A.F.C. which is the American Football Conference and The N.F.C. which is the National Football Conference. The two teams that win the A.F.C. championship and the N.F.C.  Championship games go on to compete in the Super Bowl , the winner is considered the Wold Champions. Out the 32 teams that make up the N.F.L. there are only four teams that have never made it into the Super Bowl. The N.F.L. was formed in 1920 and was called the American Professional Football Association.

The league changed its name in 1922 to the National Football League in 1922.  The League is evenly divided into the two conferences list about and each conference is divided into four divisions, each division has four teams in them that make up the 32 teams presently playing in the N.F.L.  Believe it or not the N.F.L. is listed as a federal none profit The teams play 16 games over a 17 week period in the N.F.L. with each team having a buy week in modern times. The N.F.L. didn’t always have 32 teams and they didn’t always play 16 games.

The N.F.L. started out with only 11 teams in 1920 and has grown substantially since. American Football is the highest level of football in the world. The N.F.L. is the most attended domestic sports league in the world with an average of over 66,000 in attendance in the 2011 season. The N.F.L. didn’t always have a Championship Game and it took until 1970 for the league to have the Super Bowl. Now that the N.F.L. has the Super Bowl it has become one of the most viewed sporting events throughout the world. For more on the history of the N.F.L. ave a look at the N.F.L. Wikipedia page, just click here.

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