The Pittsburgh Steelers line-backer James Harrison in a Browns uniform, that is exactly what come did in a story they featured called “What The Future Looks Like” The last thing the Steelers would want to do is let Harrison go to a team they have to play 2 times every year. While we don’t have a crystal ball that tells us just how many years Harrison has left to play in the NFL, we do use some common sense here at USA Sports 360. Pittsburgh wouldn’t want Harrison taking off the head of Big Ben Roethlisberger.

They aren’t going to let Harrison go to their AFC north rival Cleveland Browns to come back and haunt them. Harrison would probably love the chance to level Ben, just to show the team they made a major mistake. Besides that, the fans in the Dawg Pound wouldn’t exactly welcome Harrison with open arms after his history of knocking out the teams players over the years. Some think Harrison is a dirty player in the NFL. Especially after the hit he laid on Colt McCoy in the 2011 season.

I’m not sure what NFL dot come was doing when they put Harrison in a Browns uniform but I’ll guess fans in both cites didn’t appreciated it. Who knows, strange things have a way of happening. Maybe knows something the rest of us don’t.

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