By Alyssa Noe

Any Mets fan would agree. We needed something…anything to prove we’re still in this. That maybe, just maybe, this isn’t another lame excuse for a season. The problems that plague our ball club will not just be “fixed in the offseason,” but fixed right now.

It looked pretty grim, besides Harvey being the man, we scored a pathetic amount of runs on offense. There was nothing the bullpen could do if we didn’t score. It was getting embarrassing to watch. Plenty of games this season I turned it off in the 6th because, even though we were only down by 2, there was no way we would get ahead. It was getting gross.

I’m not going to be dramatic here, but let’s take a moment to bow our heads to the great Zack Wheeler.

I love this man.

He came in like it was no big thing. Just the major leagues. Whatever.

The kid is 23 years old. My cousin is 23. He works in Old Navy.

So, while my cousin is restocking maternity clothes, Zach Wheeler, on the opposite side of the spectrum, is throwing 97 mph fast balls and beating the Braves on the road.

Harvey took the mound first. He opened up the game with a 100 mph fastball. The fastest recorded pitch by a starter this season.

You know, I was just expecting amazing, old Harvey, but he ended up pitching even better.

Head Coach Terry Collins had no shame in calling Harvey Out. “It might be another motivational thing for him. He loves to pitch big games, he loves to pitch against the other team’s ace. Now Zack is here, and he’s getting a lot of publicity. Matt might have said, I’m still the guy here.”

Ah, you see, makes perfect sense. Matt Harvey comes to NY rocking newspaper headlines for months and a badass reputation to boot. He starts red-hot and just keeps catching fire with every game on the mound. Finds a beautiful supermodel— dates her. Gets a place in Manhattan— lives there.

Now we got this young, new ace who is being talked about too.

Zack Wheeler.

Sort of the same persona as Harvey. He’s young, good-looking, and has an arm of beauty. With Harvey’s competitive attitude, it’s no wonder he opened up the game with that kind of strength.

The best part about it was Wheeler followed in game 2 with the same kind of show.

It was a beautiful thing to watch. Did I really just call a performance by the 2013 Mets beautiful? Hell, even watchable?

All I’m thinking now is how this duo can turn a ball club around.

Dramatic or not, there’s hope in my team right now. Something I haven’t been able to say in years.

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