The 38-year-old Derek Jeter has been cleared to take part in baseball activities. Many Yankees fans will be glad to get the captain back. Even though the Yankees have done well with out him, Jeter always finds a way to add a spark to the Yankees line-up.

Jeter hasn’t been able to play this season due to problems with his ankle. The question now becomes what do the Yankees do with him. Should they start him off as the team’s D.H. when he is ready to return or should they play him at his position, short stop?

The last time Jeter tried to come back, even hitting was bothersome to his ankle. This time around the team and Jeter have to be extremely cautious not to do something to aggravate the  ankle. Any more problems to that ankle and Jeter would have to consider retirement.

At 38-years-old, how much playing time does Jeter have left? The team is going to have to use their better judgement and Jeter himself is going to have to be careful. Time is running out in this future hall of famer’s playing career. To force him back to early could end it prematurely.


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