There is no doubt that Peyton Manning is still growing as an NFL quarterback. We all know he had a great career as a Colt. So good as a matter of fact, Jim Irsay plans to honor him when the Denver Broncos travel to Indianapolis to play the Colts next week.

Just in time for the game, there is a Peyton Manning fan page on facebook that came up with a fantastic T-Shirt titles All Colts Grow up to be Broncos. Imagine how that is going to make Irsay feel, the greatest mistake he ever made was thinking Manning was done in the NFL.

If you look at Manning’s play this season, he is looking like a guy who is just getting started. Manning does nothing but set records this season. He is one of the best of not the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL and Irsay has to be thinking he screwed up big time letting go of Manning.

Manning has his Broncos playing some of their best football in team history. He demands the best and he is getting it. Today the Broncos are favored to win over the Jaguars by 27 points. Heck they may win by more than that.

Manning is going to the Hall Of Fame when ever his career is over. The way he is performing this season, that may be a few years off. The guy is unbelievable and he continues to amaze all that watch.

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    • Brad Pitt

      As a Bronco fan wih average intelligence, I can say Andrew Luck will undoubtedly win multiple Super Bowls. I’m sure Irsay is sleeping just fine.


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