The New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez rented a car in his name that was apparently used in the homicide the police are investigating near the home of Hernandez. Police searched the home of Hernandez and they stop 2 people who were trying to leave the area while the search was taking place.

The body of a 27 year old man reported to be an associate on Hernandez was discovered in  a filed less than a mile from Hernandez’s home. police spent hours at the home of NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots on Tuesday night and they have questioned him. At this time it is not clear what part if any Hernandez played in the apparent homicide.

No charges have been filed against the Patriots TE at this time and the team is not commenting on the ongoing investigation. Police at the scene and prosecutors who are running this investigation are remaining tight lipped at this time too.

Apparently the link that may tie Hernandez to this investigation is a rented Chevrolet Suburban registered to Enterprise rental car. Police are looking for finger prints on the car and lets hope the prints they lift don’t belong to Hernandez.

Police could be seen in and around the Hernandez home last night and they left the house with a large box from inside the home. What was in the box hasn’t been released yet. Last summer, the Patriots gave Hernandez a five-year contract. It was worth $40 million, according to reports, the team had to be counting on him for the 2013 season, especially with Gronk going down to back surgery.

Lets hope Hernandez didn’t have anything to to with this suspected homicide.

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