Some fans just don’t understand the game of NFL football. Angry Patriot fans are sending threats to Browns safety T.J. Ward over the hit he laid on New England tight end Rob Gronkowski. It was a picture perfect hit, exactly the way the NFL has drawn it up this season.

I can understand fans being upset about losing their favorite tight end, and how they think this is going to effect the play-off picture. But their is little reason to tweet threats to Ward. He broke no rules and he hit Gronkowski low because the NFL is going after players with fines and suspension for hitting players high.

The players would rather have a high hit. There are too many players lost this season with serious career threatening knee injuries. More than I can recall in any one given season. If the fans want to place blame somewhere they should place the blame on the NFL for coming up with stupid suggestions on how to tackle someone.

This all stems from the concussion lawsuits. The NFL thought if they change the rules of the game they would avoid paying out a huge penalty. The players who are missing weeks and months of the season with injuries to their lower extremities, would have rather suffered a concussion.

Sending threat to players over someone’s injury shows how stupid people are. They don’t understand the NFL is forcing these kinds of hits. Below is a look at one of these threat being sent via Twitter to Ward;

Barcelo Valoy 133rd@ThugminicanNYC 12h

@BossWard43 yo we coming to Cleveland nex yr if Patriots play Browns. REAL STREET Goons from BOSTON-NYC. WELL SEE WHO SOFT

This fan needs to get over it already. It is very unlikely, Ward’s intention was to hurt Gronkowski. This is NFL football, being played the way the commish wants it to be played. Nothing more and nothing less, injuries are going to happen. It is a violent game.

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