The video from the club where Ohio State Buckeyes running back Carlos Hyde allegedly punched a women in the face shows he didn’t strike anyone. The Video shows Hyde was the one who got hit. Hyde was suspended from the team indefinitely on Monday.

You have to wonder if Urban Meyer over reacted when he issued the suspension. Meyer who took a lot of heat after the Aaron Hernandez arrest on murder charges, may have acted too quickly in the Hyde case.

Meyer was criticized for the way he treated Hernandez while he was a player on Meyer’s team in Florida.  Now, it looks like Meyer is acting too quick by suspending Hyde before all the facts are on the table.

The good news for Hyde is the video should get him reinstated onto the Buckeyes team. No charges will be filled against Hyde because the video clears the running back from the allegations of assault. Hyde could be the person to file charges, he is the one who got hit.

A source who spoke about the video with the condition of anonymity said; Hyde was speaking in the direction of the alleged victim just prior to her punching him in the head. The video then shows Hyde leaving the area and reaching back in the woman’s direction in a non-confrontational manner, the source said. From the video, it doesn’t appear Hyde ever made contact with the woman – either before or after she struck him.

This should be enough to clear Hyde and have him reinstated onto the Ohio State Buckeyes team. He is an innocent man and he doesn’t deserve to be suspended.

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  1. jan


  2. Steve Dye

    Clear values include our system’s standard of innocent until proven guilty. Meyers clearly did not honor this value. The only fair justice would be if he were now suspended, without pay.

    • Creading

      It’s called ‘Suspended pending investigation’

      • LG

        That wasn’t the way OSU worded it…

  3. Anonymous

    I would leave the university. Urban Meyer has shown a vote of no confidence in this player. The video shows he is the victim. He and Ohio State jumped the gun. They have put out to recruits that if you are accused or a person of interest then you are guilty. I would advise recruits to think three times about attending Ohio State and any other university that sentences you before your case has been tried.

  4. Mitch

    Yesterday, morons on Fox News were crucifying Meyer for being too soft on a thug who hit women. Today, you all say he jumped the gun and Hyde should leave school.

    The truth is OSU did say suspended pending an investigation – lame news orgs like Fox reported it wrong.

    Meyer did exactly what he should have – and will likely still have some punishment for Hyde for getting himself into a bad situation. The only people who FAILED here are the media and Meyer-haters who jumped the gun with both feet.

    • NINO



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