His was TOTALLY a reputation fine based on past bad misconduct and little more.

I agree 1,000% with you that his hit on Brandon Weeden was clean—a textbook shot on a qb who didn’t have any time to take evasive action or throw the ball away.

The fact that he got freight trained by one of the strongest linemen in the NFL just made it look worse than it actually was. There was no helmet to helmet contact, no turf-planting of the dude, no hitting below the knees, no nothing.

Just the kind of violent hit we used to revel in before rules changes had the regrettable effect of putting bras and skirts on signal callers league wide. Ernie Holmes, Joe Ehrmann, Dwight White, Mark Gastineau, Louie Kelcher and Joe Klecko (among many others) levied the exact same kinds of hits on an opposing quarterbacks regularly back in the days when clean, tough defense wasn’t a crime.

But if any of the a fore-mentioned players back then were to do that TODAY Goodell would see to it that they’d all be thrown in jail





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