So, the NCAA stepped in and took away Penn State wins from 1998 through the 2011 season, taking away Joe Paterno’s record as the winning-est college coach away. Hey, here is a clue for the NCAA, Joe Paterno is dead, he no longer cares about the win record or Penn State football for that matter. The people who were involved in this Jerry Sandusky Penn State coverup should all be charged criminally for aiding in criminal activity. Charges should be field against everyone who knew of these allegations and stood by for years and didn’t report them to the police. Taking away victories and fining Penn State 60 million dollars is a slap on the wrist.

Penn State is supposed to be an institution of higher learning, yet the people running it don’t even know the difference between right and wrong. Taking away a few football scholarships, some victories and imposing a fine isn’t going to set an example tough enough in my humble opinion.  One of the worst crimes that can be committed took place inside the facilities at Penn State. We cannot stand by and watch and do nothing when children are being hurt in this country. To steal the innocence of a child is UN-excusable. The people who are involved in this coverup need to be place in jail. A slap on the wrist isn’t going to stop this from happening again.

When the money taken in from college sports out ways the difference between right and wrong, it is time to stand back and re-evaluate the precedence these institutions are setting. These people need to be placed in prison, if they would be others would think twice before they would ever stand back and let this happen again. It is clear that money is the most important thing to these colleges these days. Not teaching the students and leading by being a great example. There is something seriously wrong, and these sanctions against Penn State will do very little to fix the problem.

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