American Skier Bode Miller just fell into position to claim a medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics, in what would would be his first time crossing the finish line without his brother standing there cheering him on. Miller tried to hold back the tears and celebrate the moment, but he could do that because of the questions NBC reporter Christin Cooper kept firing at him.

She was determined to steal the moment and fill it with sadness. She clearly pushed Miller past the point of breaking with all of her questions about his brother’s death. Is this what American Sports journalism has boiled down to? Why would Cooper continue to push Miller past his brink, when she knew this was already an emotional time for him.

Miller should have been allowed to celebrate the moment and not be forced into recalling his brother’s death. Copper should have seen what her questions were doing to this American Olympic hero and she should have had enough sense to back off.

Her goal was clearly to get Miller to break. If this is what sports journalism has boiled down to at NBC, they should reevaluate what they’re doing over there. No body wanted to see this type of forced questioning take place. There is enough sadness in the world to go around.

NBC needs to talk to Cooper about her tactics and they need to take some sort of action against her attempt to steal Miller’s moment. There has to be a better way to do her job than what she put on display yesterday. Cooper needs a lesson or two on professionalism. She needs to know when enough is enough.

As one Olympic fan put it; Please go to the NBC Olympics page and voice your displeasure with reporter Christin Cooper who mercilessly pushed US skier Bode Miller to tears with her
insensitive comments regarding his deceased brother. Thank You.


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  1. Craig DeHart

    I believe she is way out of line and at the very least should be reprimanded and fired

  2. tigress

    She needs to be FIRED. This is typical of NBC reporters. Remember Matt Lauer of the Today Show?


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