The last thing the Lakers needed was to see Kobe Bryant go down with a severely twisted ankle, Bryant is out and will be out for how ever long it takes for his ankle to heal. Bryant complained about the play that had him twisting his ankle. He feels that the NBA officials aren’t protecting the shooters. In the game Bryant was shooting a fade away when he came don and rolled his ankle.

The question is being asked, was Bryant fouled on the play? The problem stems from a long history between Bryant and Dahntay Jones. In 2009 Jones tripped Bryant in a play-off game. The film shows that Jones intentionally tripped Bryant.

In last nights game the one where Kobe got hurt, Jones said;”look at the film,” he went on to say that it was Bryant throwing a leg kick when he went up for the shot and it should have been an offensive foul. Jones said, he would never try to hurt Bryant intentionally. When the fact came up that Jones intentionally tripped Bryant in a play-off game in 2009, Jones said that was a play-off game that had a NBA Championship attached to it.

So when there is a lot on the line I guess Jones thinks it is OK to injure another player. When it is just another NBA regular season game he wouldn’t injure another player intentionally. You can’t have it both ways. If a guy would intentionally injure player, it is in his make up as a player to do so. It doesn’t make any difference what kind of game they are playing in.  If a player uses dirty tactics once, why would they not use them again?

Do you think Jones would try to hurt Bryant intentionally? Tell us what you think by leaving your comments below.

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