Jimmie Johnson has driven in NASCAR for 13 years, the guy should know better than to try and cheat on a restart. He know better than to pass the leader and he deserved to be black flagged. How a guy with Johnson’s experience could make this kind of mistake, is anyone’s guess.

Johnson has won enough times to know the rules. He tried to break one in Dover and the NASCAR officials did what they were suppose to do, they threw the black flag at Johnson forcing him to pit. Of course Johnson didn’t see it the same way the NASCAR officials saw it.

Johnson said, The No. 42 car was so slow, he never got going. If the car was slow, why didn’t Johnson wait until they passed the start finish line before he passed Pablo Montoya? Johnson had the car that could do it.

He started 24th, had worked his way up front and led 143 laps. He could have passed on a legal restart. No matter what excuse Johnson gives, he broke the rules and he got busted. When he didn’t see the 42 car, he could have slowed down and gave the spot back without penalty.

Perhaps Johnson’s pit is just as much at fault as he is. They could have told him on the radio to back off and give the spot back but they didn’t.

Johnson said he planned to speak with NASCAR officials and ask them to “help me better understand what I could have done.” Hey Jimmie, you could have taken your foot off the gas, that is what you could have done.

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