Danica Patrick proved there is a place for her to compete. It may not be on the NASCAR circuit but it is where she belongs, in the kitchen. (Wow did I just say that?). Patrick appeared on the Food Networks show Chopped, She proved in the heat of the competition she can actually win something (which is something she can’t do on the NASCAR Circuit), Patrick faced off against some other talented athletes who could cook.

She faced OLYMPIC superstar Natalie Coughlin, Football player Tiki Barber and fighter Chuck Zito. Patrick had to prepare a meal using the ingredients they issued on the show. For those of you who may not be familiar with the show it goes like this; Chopped pits four cooks against each other during a three-course timed cooking competition that incorporates an appetizer, main course and dessert.

Patrick did well through all three rounds of the cook off. She made it into the final round and then she actually did something she isn’t used to doing,she won something.

Patrick beat Natalie Coughlin in the final round and won the $10,000 for her charity the COPD Institute. Isn’t that something, she can cook. I wonder if she cooks for her boy friend at home. I can see it now, her pit crew will be setting up the grill in the garage area and asking Patrick to cook for them.

Now lets not forget that Danica was  Culinary Institute trained, she might need a career when she is finished trying to win a NASCAR race..


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  1. PatrickLA

    Your editor let you get away with saying a female belongs in the kitchen? Gimme a break.

    • LG

      Why would they stop that comment? She showed she belongs in the Kitchen more than she belongs behind the wheel of a race car. She won something in the Kitchen…..


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