NASCAR is taking desperate measures to boost fan attendance at the races. They have now banned cameras from the race tracks. They are using the excuse about camera lenses containing glass. They are saying the rope breaking in Charlotte has opened their eyes to what could happen if a camera lenses broke what it could do to a cars tire.

Are you kidding me? There have been cameras at NASCAR events for years. They normally don’t have problems due to cameras breaking. This is just an excuse for NASCAR to sell more tickets. They have seen the attendance at races like the Brickyard 400 drop faster than the camera fell to the track in Charlotte.

NASCAR is stepping into dangerous ground. Sponsors like TV coverage. Without it, the cars aren’t seen on TV, this means the sponsor’s names aren’t going out over the networks. This equates to fewer people seeing the sponsors.

This could end up killing NASCAR. Just think what would happen without the sponsors. We have seen team’s forced to quit racing due to lack of sponsors. If NASCAR was smart they would not end television coverage of their races.

This could end up back firing and could end up coasting NASCAR millions of dollars. When we see question like these being asked, What would happen if a lens cracked and glass fell on the track and a car suffered a massive tire failure from it? Or what would happen if an entire camera fell? We are reminded at just how stupid the governing body of NASCAR are.

When did we ever see a camera failure cause any kind of race car damage in the past? This is a poor attempt to boost attendance to the race tracks. If the Brickyard 400 doesn’t draw NASCAR fans to the track, cancel the race.

It wasn’t a good idea to put NASCAR at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the first place. They don’t belong there. It has nothing to do with TV cameras.


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