Danica Patrick plays in a man’s world but uses her great looks to gain an advantage. Well, now Slate is accusing Patrick’s racy ads of moving the women’s movement back. It appears all don;t appreciate all Patrick does to bring publicity to her sport. Lets face it folks, it is her good looks that helped make her a star on the NASCAR circuit. It isn’t her record for winning races. Patrick comes out with new Super Bowl ads for her sponsor Go Daddy each year. This year the ads just got a bit racier.

Here is a paragraph that kind of describes what has people up in arms taken from Auto Blog,

It’s all of that background that has Slate writer (and racing aficionado) Laura Helmuth up in arms. Helmuth’s basic claim is that Patrick’s questionable sponsorship deals, and resultant lowest-common-denominator commercials, have not only undermined her credibility as a role model for woman and girls, but have even served to set back woman’s rights and the place of woman in the sport of racing.

We will have to wait and see how People are going to respond to this article. Is Patrick moving the women’s movement back or not? Let us know what you think, just leave your comments below…..


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