For someone who says she don’t care what Kyle Petty said about her, she keeps responding back. Danica Patrick should have just ignored the criticism that Kyle Petty through at her. Now Patrick comes out and says she is carp In qualifying, things go much better in the races.

If that was the case than why didn’t Danica win the Daytona 500 this year. She won the pole for the race but couldn’t post a win during the race. It sure don’t look like she was carp in that qualifying run. There are times when she should have did better in qualifying, but that is racing.

You aren’t going to win them all, and Patrick can’t win one of them. Patrick should be happy that Petty criticized her. This way she gets to stay in the news. If it were up to her driving she wouldn’t ever be in the news.

She doesn’t do too many news worthy things while she in on the race track racing. Patrick is one of those people who have to be in the headlines. She lives for moments like these. The only reason she has a NASCAR ride is because of her fame in the press and what she does for the sport by drawing people in who otherwise wouldn’t go to a NASCAR race.

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