Danica Patrick, the Pole winner in the Daytona 500 didn’t fare so well in the first of two Qualifying Races. Patrick appeared to be playing it safe and didn’t take too many chances, it was like she didn’t want to wreak the car. She came in 17th place, the good news is she finished the race and it looks like Patrick will start the 500 from the Pole. Patrick said it was exactly fun to come in 17th place but she learned some things about her race car. Come Sunday they hope Patrick can do as well. To get a finish in the race without wreaking the car would be huge for Danica.

The Good Ole Boys will be chasing this women right from the start. she is going to have to pick where her battles in the 5000 come from. If she takes off from the pole and uses up the car too early she will make if very difficult to stay with the leaders.  Using up the car too early is not a good thing at Daytona. Patrick is going to have to pace herself so her tires last until the first pit stop. Going out to qualify and running fast is one thing. Making the equipment last for the entire race is something entirely different and Patrick doesn’t have the experience of some of the other drivers.

Just finishing the race will be a huge victory for Patrick come Sunday…



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