The New York Jets coaching staff watched in horror as the New York Giants pounded both Time Tebow and Mark Sanchez into the ground last night. Tebow was sacked 4 times for 33 yards and Sanchez went down in a Giant way 3 times for 12 yards. The New York Jets were outplayed in the first quarter of their preseason game against the Giants who scored 26 points to the Jets 3. The Jets didn’t only have problems keeping Tebow or Sanchez up-right they had no defense against the Giants in the first period.

Rex Ryan is going to have to make a decision on which quarterback can best help his team win this season. We all know the New York Giants are the defending Super Bowl Champions, they made the Jets look completely out classed. The Jets offensive line is going to have to learn how to play together as a team or there could be a possibility Tebow or Sanchez won’t make it through the season. Giving up 7 sacks doesn’t exactly help your team win football games.

The Jets fans were hoping to see a better showing from Tim Tebow last night, when Tebow went into the game Twitter was exploding with tweets about Tebow. The Tebow fans that are all around the country seemed to be excited to see Tim Tebow go into the game, I’ll bet their excitement turned to sadness once they saw their man getting hammered by the Giants defense. With almost three weeks to go before the regular season starts, Rex Ryan and his quarterbacks have a ton of work left to do.  Ryan has to get his O-line to produce protection. Hey the Tebow and the Jets song is selling like hot cakes too, if you haven’t heard it yet be sure to check it out by clicking this link to the Tebow and The Jets Song……


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  1. sportsbaron1

    If you thought Tim Tebow was the answer to what ails the Jets at the quarterback position, last night should have helped disabuse you of that air headed notion. I’ve been telling people all along that Double-T doesn’t recognize–let alone exploit–defenses quickly or accurately enough to be productive behind center, and changing uniforms over the summer certainly hasn’t changed that. But every time I offer this opinion I feel like the boy in Hans Anderson’s fable who tried to tell everybody that the Emperor had no clothes on.

    Good luck to you Jet fans—whoever winds up taking the snaps for your team this season. You’ll need it…

    Santa Monica


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