Major League BaseballMajor League Baseball (M.L.B.) was founded in 1869. The league is the highest professional level of Baseball there is in the World. Players come from other countries just to play in the M.L.B.. Presently there are 30 teams that make up M.L.B., 29 in the United States and 1 in Canada. The first team formed in Canada was the Montreal Expos founded in 1969, they were located in Montreal, Quebec until 2004 ,then they moved the team to Washington and renamed it to the Washington Nationals.

M.L.B.’s current commissionaire is Bud Selig who has come under fire many times, most recently for his role in the Houston Astros moving into the American League. Some are saying Selig forced the decision to move the team into the A.L. when the current owner Jim Crane was making the deal to buy the team. Selig took over as the M.L.B. Commissionaire in September of 1992 after Fay Vincent held the office for 3 years.

Major League Baseball has the fifth highest average attendance of any sports league.  As of 2011 M.L.B. is divided into two leagues, the National League (16 Teams) and the American League (14 Teams),each league is divided into sub-divisions.  These Divisions are labeled East, Central and West.

There were some bumps in the road getting Major League baseball to the level we know today. For more reading on the History of M.L.B. Just Click Here

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