MLB has received another black eye. To hear the news of guys like Bartolo Colon & Nelson Cruz getting involved in the use of P.E.D.’s is just disgusting. How many times are guys going to get caught using a banned substance and get slapped on the wrist? These athletes are making millions of dollars to play a game and they can’t even abide by the rules set fourth. Players that kids look up to like heroes only to find out later they cheated. Guys like Colon and Cruz and even Rodriguez need to be made examples of.

It is time to get tough. Ban these guys from ever returning to the game. It is an honor and a privilege to play a professional sport. It is not a God-given right. The best of the best make it to the professional level and for the past few decades we are finding out how many of these guys cheated. Baseball has given random drug tests and eve with guys failing them and being suspended for 50 games per season, others think they can beat the system. MLB is sending the wrong message. it is not about finding a way to  beat these drug tests it is about not cheating. They kicked  Pete Rose out for gambling, they won’t even let him into the Hall of Fame and there wasn’t ever any proof he cheated in a game.

Now you have a list of high-profile athletes that might have cheated. Kick them out. Set an example that MLB is tired of guys trying to bend the rules and gain a competitive edge. Some of these guys could be repeat offenders. If you kick them out of the game for LIFE you will send a clear message that MLB is not going to take this anymore. It is time to do it….


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