As usual, Mitch Moreland’s ascent to a high water mark of .296 has been followed by a dip below .260 following last night’s game.

I’m sure his slugging percentage has plunged considerably as well during his latest funk that’s seen him go 4 for 33 since returning from the

DL. I kept saying that the Rangers needed to get Prince Fielder and plant him on first base until he rots.

This way they not only have the benefit of a SURE 120 RBI’s per season at a hitting position they’ve been getting almost nothing out of for five years now,

they also wouldn’t have to pitch AGAINST him 12 to 18 times a year including the playoffs .

But Jon Daniels, in his infinite brilliance, decided that the Rangers couldn’t afford Yu Darvish’s contract AND Prince’s–even though they’d just landed the second biggest television contract in baseball history….


Clifford Santa Monica

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